Naugatuck team to run in Ragnar Cape Cod


A team of 12 local runners will participate in the Ragnar Cape Cod this weekend.

Ragnar is a 200-mile running relay race. Teams of 12 people, in two vans, participate in the run that starts Friday in Hull, Mass., and finishes up on Saturday afternoon in Provincetown, Mass.

Only one runner is on the road at a time. Each participant runs three times, with each leg ranging between 3 to 8 miles and varying in difficulty, according to the Ragner Relay Series website.

More than 500 teams are competing in the relay.

Naugatuck YMCA CEO Susan Talbot is team captain for the “Mother Tucker Rubber Duckies.” Her team is consists of Tamath Rossi, Gary Bruce, Becky Bruce, Brandi Fitzgerald, Allie Bova, Derek Veenema, Susan Massimo Verardo, Dana Bruton, Rhonda Lord, Margaret Ward and Lori Czajkowski.