Little Pal honors players


NAUGATUCK — The Naugatuck YMCA Little Pal Basketball League concluded its 59th season with an end of the year ceremony on April 14.

Many players were honored with awards. The following players earned awards in the senior boys and girls divisions.

The Robert Scott Schuster Award. B-Squad Sportsmanship Award: Sheriff Balde (Rotary).

The Robert Burns Sr. Award. B-Squad Hustle/Love of the Game Award: Alijah Garris (Firefighters).

The Frank Borbas Award. A-Squad Sportsmanship Award: Alex Witkowski (NSB).

The Jason Pelliccia Award. A-Squad Player who demonstrates love of the game and respect of the game and coaches: Chad Vincent (K of C).

Coaches Award B-Squad: Julia Pelliccia.

Coaches Award A-Squad: Madisen Jensen.

Sportsmanship Award B-Squad: Shannon Burns.

Sportsmanship Award A-Squad: Ally Mezzo.

Hustle Award B-Squad: Abiqail Pruchnicki and Lindsey Siggetti.

Hustle Award A-Squad: Jackie Aronin.