Hop Brook tourney field larger than last year



The annual Hop Brook golf tournament drew a larger than normal crowd of players this year smack in the middle of a heat wave.
Some of the regulars were missing due to prior commitments, but the newer players added to the excitement as several matches went down to the wire. There were a bunch of matches went 19 holes, and even one that needed 20 holes before a winner was decided.
“Our numbers were up from last year,” said Hop Brook golf pro Bryan Nixon. “We were missing a few players from past years due to scheduling conflicts but it was nice to see so many new players out there.”
“It was hot but I don’t think the weather had any effect on the players,” added Nixon. “Everyone was well prepared and excited to play. We had a lot of matches go to sudden death, so our goal of fair and equitable matches was achieved.”
Here is what happened in the tournament leading up to the semifinal rounds.

First round
Mike Erickson def. Joe Edmunds, 6 and 5; Steve Slekis def. Joe Pascucci, 2-up; Colin Sheedy def. Pat Granahan, 1-up; Antonio Lopez def. Pete Gallino, 5 and 4; Nick Trabanas def. Bob Stabile, 3 and 2; Chris Hannon def. Jesse Cyr, 2 and 1; Brandon Sweet def. Tim Christensen, 5 and 4; Chris Sheedy def. Charles Dukes, 7 and 6
Second round
Erickson def. Slekis, 4 and 3; Colin Sheedy def. Lopez, 4 and 3; Hannon def. Tribanas, 2-up; Chris Sheedy def. Sweet, 20 holes

First round
Gabe Amador def. Doug Palomino, 3 and 2; Joey Tribanas def. Gary Stabile, 19 holes; Mike Sansone def. Alex Riberio; Jim Robinson def. Brian Divito, 19 holes; John Tzetzo def. Ron Swierbitowicz, 6 and 5; John Pinto def. Shane Swierbitowicz, 5 and 3; Mike Fox def. Steve Rager, 19 holes; Jim Russo def. Chris Shiffer
Second round
Amador def. Tribanas, 5 and 3; Robinson def. Sansone, 5 and 4; Tzetzo def. Pinto, 3 and 2; Russo def. Fox, 3 and 2

First round
Joe Tribanas def. Kody Butler, 5 and 4; Steve Nester def. Dennis Murphy, 5 and 3; Larry Testone def. Devan Aviles; Nick Konecky def. Dale Sweet, 6 and 4; Jim Russo def. Keith Ljundquist, 1-up; Paul Padilla def. James Coll, 1-up; Billy Testone def. Corey Grohs, 2-up; Charlie Fredericks def. Dave Ranno
Second round
Nester def. Tribanas, 3 and 2; Konecky def. L. Testone, 4 and 3; Russo def. Padilla, 3 and 2; B. Testone def. Fredericks, 4 and 3

First round
Eric Sloma def. Ully Hilse, 5 and 4; Bill Klisus def. Sam Molnar, 19 holes; Jake Bendler def. Stefano Ciccone, 19 holes; Rob Spencer def. Ron Wallace, 19 holes

NOTE: The women’s championship started with the semifinal round