Hop Brook tournament begins with perfect weather


By Ken Morse, Citizen’s News

NAUGATUCK — Hop Brook Golf Course’s annual tournament teed off last weekend with picture perfect weather.

The first two rounds of the men’s championships, played July 31 and Aug. 1, featured a few upsets and a couple down-to-the-wire matches, but the talk on the links was the weather.

“After what we went through — weather wise — leading up to the tournament, we couldn’t have asked for better weather,” said Hop Brook golf pro Bryan Nixon, referring to rainy weather during the weeks leading up to the tournament.

“We had a couple of exciting matches and a few surprises along the way,” Nixon added. “Golfers are looking forward to this weekend’s showdowns with a few former champions going head to head in the semifinals.”

One surprise took place in the championship flight when Ryan Murphy outlasted last year’s champion, Tim Christensen, in a 19-hole shootout.

The men’s semifinals and finals are set for Aug. 7-8.

In the men’s championship flight semifinals, Steve Slekis will face Glenn Petelle, and Nick Tribanas will play Ryan Murphy.

The women’s semifinal and championship rounds are also scheduled for Aug. 7-8. Stephanie Slekis, Carol Douty and Jill Waldron looked to unseat last year’s champion, Dawn Bruenn, in the women’s tournament.

Championship flight first round: Steve Slekis def. Brandon Sweet, 4 and 3; Larry Testone def. Steve Hiscock, 4 and 3; Jesse Cyr def. Matt McClain, 5 and 3; Glenn Petelle def. Joe Pascucci, 5 and 3; Bob Swierbitowicz def. Mike Fox, 5 and 4; Nick Tribanas def. Brian Divito, 6 and 5; Billy Testone def. John Pinto, 3 and 1; Ryan Murphy def. Tim Christensen, 19 holes.

Championship flight second round: Slekis def. L. Testone, 5 and 3; Petelle def. Cyr, 2 and 1; Tribanas def. Swierbitowicz, 2 up; Murphy def. B. Testone, 5 and 3.

Championship flight semifinals: Slekis vs. Petelle; Tribanas vs. Murphy.

1st flight first round: Rob Stabile def. Shane Swierbitowicz, 5 and 3; George Lockwood def. Joe Edmonds, default; Steve Nester def. Nick Konecky, 3 and 1; PJ Murphy def. Joe Ardito, 3 and 1; Paul Granahan def. Jeff Brody, 8 and 7; Ethan Mester def. Dan Ranno, 1 up; James Coll def. Steve Rager, 4 and 3; Manny Tribanas def. Logan McKinley, default.

1st flight second round: Stabile def. Lockwood, default; Nester def. Murphy, 2 and 1; Mester def. Granahan, 1 up; Tribanas def. Coll., 4-2.

1st flight semifinals: Stabile vs. Nester; Mester vs. Tribanas.

2nd flight first round: Keith Ljungquist def. Doug Palomino, default; Joe Pisco def. Jim Russo, default; Bill Klusis def. Joe Tribanas, 19 holes; Paul Padilla def. Herb Grandpre, 1 up; Joey Tribanas def. Tony Sapata, default; Charlie Fredericks def. Ron Swierbitowicz, 5 and 3.

2nd flight second round: John Tzetzo def. Ljungquist, 5 and 4; Klusis def. Pisco, 2 up; J. Tribanas def. Padilla, 1 up (22 holes); Fredericks def. Anthony Fartaria.

2nd flight semifinals: Tzetzo vs. Klusis; Tribanas vs. Fredericks.

3rd flight first round: John Cerreta def. Anthony Mazzandra, default; Sam Molnar def. Ully Hilse, 1 up; Michael Duque def. Joe Cantillion, 2 up;  Stefano Ciccone def. Ron Wallace.

3rd flight semifinals: Cerreta vs. Molnar; Duque vs. Ciccone.