Hop Brook Club Championship results


Hop BrookNAUGATUCK — The first two rounds of the Hop Brook Golf Course 2013 Club Championship are in the books. The semifinals are Saturday and the final is Sunday.

The following information was provided by Hop Brook golf pro Bob Clark.

Championship Flight

First Round

Ray Martino defeated Tom Kaminski, 19 holes

Paul Bozzuto defeated Jeff Stewart, 2 and 1

Dave Rowe defeated Pat Granahan, 1 up

Jerry Russo defeated Henry Ricketts, 4 and 3

Glenn Petelle defeated Nick Tribanas, 19 holes

Rob Rager defeated Paul Rokas, 3 and 1

Erik Czerwiowski defeated Mark Cook, 3 and 2

Jesse Cyr defeated Anthony Salvador, 4 and 3


Martino defeated Bozzuto, Default

Rowe defeated Russo, 2 up

Petelle defeated Rager, 1 up

Cyr defeated Czerwiowski, 3 and 1

First Flight

First Round

Mike Fox defeated Rich Gill, 2 and 1

Mark Magas defeated Nate Deller, 2 and 1

Scott Thomas defeated Mike Klem, 4 and 3

Mike Leona defeated Jim Corbett, 4 and 3

Jason Jasulavic defeated Sam Molnar, 2 and 1

George Lockwood defeated Brandon Sweet, 4 and 3

Tim Fleck defeated Barry Beauvais, 2 and 1

Mike Malec defeated James Stewart, 1 up


Magas defeated Fox, 4 and 2

Thomas defeated Leona, 4 and 3

Jasulavic defeated Lockwood, 4 and 3

Fleck defeated Malec, 2 and 1

Second Flight

First Round

Byes: Joe Meagher, Joe Vige, Steve Rager, Steve Nester

Pat Corbett defeated Warren Sweet, 2 and 1

Dan Bronko defeated Jordan Deller, 4 and 3

Mike Fleck defeated Bill Klisus, 4 and 3

Manny Tribanas defeated Dave Walsh, 3 and 1


Corbett defeated Meagher, 4 and 3

Bronko defeated Vige, 4 and 3

Fleck defeated Rager, 4 and 3

Tribanas defeated Nester, 4 and 3

Third Flight

First Round

Byes: Steve Kloc, Rich Hertel, Jim Carson, Steve Slekis, Peter Corbrtt

Dale Sweet defeated Mike Smith, 2 and 1

Gary Stabile defeated Jahmal Francis, 4 and 3

Ully Hilse defeated Paul Padilla, 1 up


Kloc defeated Sweet, 2 and 1

Hertel defeated Carson, 1 up

Stabile defeated Slekis, 1 up

Hilse defeated Corbett, 3 and 2

Fourth Flight

First Round

Byes: Mike Lynch, Bill Testone, Ron Wallace, Eugene Burke, Jay Corbett

Jim Russo defeated Jim Healy, 4 and 3

Tom Gaffney defeated Mark Trisko, 4 and 3

Bill Graham defeated Doug Palomino, 19 holes


Lynch defeated Russo, 19 holes

Testone defeated Wallace, 2 and 1

Burke defeated Gaffney, 2 and 1

Graham defeated Corbett, 4 and 2