Hawks hold their own in tough field


NEW HAVEN — In recent years, the Woodland track and field program has been noted for its depth, if not its star power. So it is fitting that the Hawks excelled last Tuesday at an event designed to measure that very quality—the Hillhouse High School Winter Relays.

Against the likes of Staples, Fairfield Warde, Windsor and Amity, the Black and Gold earned a pair of victories, in the girls’ shuttle hurdle and the boys’ 1600-meter sprint medley.

Entering as the top seed, the duo of Alyssa Marti and Raven Palmerie lowered their best time by .16 of a second, winning in 19.54. The Naugatuck pair of Brianna Britto and Pamela Gallardo finished 12th in 21.93.

Woodland’s victorious sprint medley team also came into the meet ranked first, and didn’t need its best stuff to win the event by almost nine seconds, in 3:49.22. Dan Park ran the opening, 400-meter leg, Chris Savvidou and Brandon Fowler followed with the 200-meter legs, and Tyler Murphy anchored the squad by running the final 800 meters.

The Hawks almost captured a third event, when the boys’ 4-by-400 meter relay came down to a three-team sprint to the finish line. Staples’ Raphael Ray edged Fowler to secure a win for the Wreckers in 3:40.49, but Fowler outleaned Wethersfield’s Tyler Murphy by .01 of a second to earn the runner-up spot in 3:40.65.

The Greyhounds’ best—and most surprising—showing was in the boys’ 4-by-200 meter relay. Based on its seeded time, Naugy’s quartet was third slowest among 26 entries. But Santiago Cora, Joey Philson, Josef Arreaga and Thomas O’Brien improved their mark by almost five seconds, claiming seventh place in 1:41.97.

Hillhouse Winter Relays Results

Girls’ pole vault

1. Angie Galantogi, East Hampton, 8-0

8. Cristina Sendra, Naugatuck, 6-6

— Andrea Lugo, Naugatuck, NH

— Elena Gordon, Naugatuck, NH

Boys’ pole vault

1. Ben Nalette, Wethersfield, 12-6

13. Sean Melville, Woodland, 8-0

— Matt Zaccagnini, Woodland, NH

— Jacob Pinho, Woodland, NH

— Colton Wagner, Naugatuck, NH

— Patrick Alves, Naugatuck, NH

— Matt Schumacher, Naugatuck, NH

Girls’ shot put

1. Katie Nielson, Mercy, 34-6 ½

24. Samantha Fredricks, Naugatuck, 24-7 ½

28. Lizzie Glick, Naugatuck, 23-5 ½

61. Gretchen Hale, Naugatuck, 16-8 ½

Boys’ shot put

1. Enis Bukalo, Derby, 49-3 ½

8. Donato Piroscafo, Naugatuck, 40-5

15. Tyler Slapikas, Woodland, 38-2 ½

36. Joey Philson, Naugatuck, 31-11

40. Dillon Quadrato, Woodland, 31-2

67. Mike Johnson, Naugatuck, 21-9

69. Thomas Coyle, Naugatuck, 20-4

Girls’ long jump

1. Janae Wilson, Windsor, 17 ½

8. Melissa Labonte, Naugatuck, 14-6 ¼

13. Sarah Konops, Naugatuck, 14-3

21. Felicity Croce, Naugatuck, 13-9

Boys’ long jump

1. Dylan Cohen, Amity, 20-8

7. Daniel Park, Woodland, 19-2

17. Tyler Slapikas, Woodland, 18-4

37. Mike Krakowski, Woodland, 15-5 ½

50. Nathaniel Buie, Naugatuck, 14

51. Austin Ferrari, Naugatuck, 13-9 ¼

52. Matt Dowling, Naugatuck, 13-6 ½

57. Colin Reilly, Naugatuck, 10-5 ½

Girls’ high jump

1. Sam Peck, Nonnewaug, 5-4

— Pamela Gallardo, Naugatuck, NH

— Gabrielle White, Naugatuck, NH

— Andrea Lugo, Naugatuck, NH

Boys’ high jump

1. Greg Warner, Holy Cross, 6-2

12. Santiago Cora, Naugatuck, 5-4

18. Josef Arreaga, Naugatuck, 5-2

— Jeremy Cervone, Naugatuck, NH

— Jordan Bronko, Naugatuck, NH

Girls’ triple jump

1. Ada Udaya, West Haven, 35-9

Girls’ shuttle hurdle

1. Woodland A (Alyssa Marti, Raven Palmarie), 19.54

12. Naugatuck B (Brianna Britto, Pamela Gallardo), 21.93

Boys’ shuttle hurdle

1. Daniel Hand  A (Tim Forrest, JP Chaffiotte), 16.01

10. Woodland A (Mike Krakowski, Sean Melville), 19.11

12. Naugatuck A (Joe Reddington, Anthony Pohorilak), 20.04

20. Naugatuck B (Patrick Alves, Jordan Bronko), 23.31

Girls’ 4×800 relay

1. Career A (Precious Holmes, Paris Taft, Tasseine Edwards, Kellie Davis), 10:03.32

7. Woodland A (Sarah Melville, Miranda Moffat, Melissa Kiley, Katelyn Trauger), 11:04.68

Boys’ 4×800 relay

1. Staples A (Sam Zorfas, Raphael Ray, Jon Foster, Jack Roche), 8:38.92

9. Naugatuck A (Maud Hrezi, Jake Simons, Isaque Monteiro, Colin Reilly), 9:30.19

11. Woodland A (Kyle Cranney, Jon Fitzpatrick, A.J. Pavlowski, Adam Baz), 9:33.08

Girls’ 1600-meter sprint medley

1. Windsor B (Brianna Allen, Tyshay Carmichael, Nastasya Rodriques, Shayna Presley), 4:25.14

7. Woodland A (Stephanie Dumond, Kiernan DeBiase, Brittany Battis, Brittany Albright), 4:44.01

22. Naugatuck A (Katie Pezzuti, Brianna Britto, Samantha Hilse, Samantha Fredricks), 5:28.78

Boys’ 1600-meter sprint medley

1. Woodland A (Daniel Park, Chris Savvidou, Brandon Fowler, Tyler Murphy), 3:49.22

23. Naugatuck A (Kevin Ugalde, Matt Dowling, Ryan Hoang, Matt Schumacher), 4:35.77

Girls’ 4×200 relay

1. Windsor A (Brittany Fleeting, Janae Wilson, Courtney Kearse, Tyshay Carmichael), 1:48.2

11. Woodland A (Marissa Mills, Arica Watford, Stephanie Dumond, Kiernan DeBiase), 1:59.33

23. Naugatuck A (Gabrielle White, Sarah Chandler, Elena Gordon, Kaitlyn Hayes), 2:13.56

Boys’ 4×200 relay

1. East Haven A (Chris Young, Jesse Gallo, Anthony Sandella, Carlos Maldonado), 1:38.70

7. Naugatuck A (Santiago Cora, Joey Philson, Josef Arreaga, Thomas O’Brien), 1:41.97

22. Woodland A (Chris Williams, Craig Genz, Alex Bloomingdale, John Plaskon), 1:48.05

Girls’ distance medley

1. Career A (Kellie Davis, Tasseine Edwards, Precious Holmes, Paris Taft), 13:03.43

Boys’ distance medley

1. Daniel Hand A (Andrew Haff, Pierce Freeman, Dan Nestor, Dave Cotton), 10:43.68

9. Woodland A (Adam Baz, Marc Beaulieu, A.J. Pavlowski, Jon Fitzpatrick), 12:10.02

19. Naugatuck A (Jake Lisakolsky, Chris Szarzynski, Martin Chromik, Ryan Mahoney), 14:14.01

Girls’ 4×400 relay

1. Windsor A (Nastasya Rodriques, Brianna Allen, Ashley Graves, Shayna Presley), 4:09.83

11. Naugatuck A (Sarah Pohorilak, Felicity Croce, Melissa Labonte, Cristina Sendra), 4:44.62

12. Woodland A (Sarah Melville, Katelyn Trauger, Melissa Kiley, Brittany Battis), 4:45.28

Boys’ 4×400 relay

1. Staples A (John Demetres, Jeff Caffery, Jack Roche, Raphael Ray), 3:40.49

2. Woodland A (Chris Savvidou, Tyler Murphy, Kyle Cranney, Brandon Fowler), 3:40.65

12. Naugatuck A (Travis Logan, Donato Piroscafo, Joe Reddington, Nathaniel Buie), 3:59.7