Field set for Hop Brook golf championship


NAUGATUCK — After a rainy start to qualifying, the field is set for the 2018 Hop Brook golf championship.

The qualifying field of 45 golfers has been split up based on scores. The top 16 golfers are in the championship flight. Fourteen golfers will vie for the title in the first flight, and 15 golfers will go head to head in the second flight.

“We had a pretty good turnout in spite of [recent] weather,” Hop Brook golf pro Bryan Nixon said.

The first round is scheduled to begin Saturday. The quarterfinals are Sunday, followed by the semifinals Aug. 12 and the championship Aug. 19.

“Based on our qualifiers, I anticipate some very competitive matches when the first rounds start up on Saturday,” Nixon said.

Nick Tribanas, the 2014 champion, shot the lowest round of 73 and heads the list of golfers in the championship flight. He is up against No. 16 Pete Gallino. No. 2 Ray Martino, a five-time champion, is paired against No 15 Steve Slekis.

The rest of the championship flight bracket is: No. 3 Jesse Cyr vs. No. 14 Jim Russo; No. 4 Jerry Russo vs. No. 13 Mark Magus; No. 5 Jason Rizk vs. No. 12 Vic Chernesky; No. 6 Scott Thomas vs. No. 11 Ryan Murphy; No. 7 Steve Dematteo vs. No. 10 Gabe Amador; No. 8 Dave Leroy vs. No. 9 George Lockwood.

No. 1 Bob Stabile and No. 2 Mike Fox earned byes in the first round of the first flight.

The rest of the first flight bracket is: No. 3 Manny Tribanas vs. No. 14 Doug Palamino; No. 4 Sam Molnar vs. No. 13 Keith Ljungquist; No. 5 Billy Testone vs. No. 12 Gary Stabile; No. 6 Paul Rotatori vs. No. 11 Larry Testone; No. 7 Mike Murphy vs. No. 10 Paul Rokas; No. 8 Brandon Sweet vs. No. 9 Joe Pisco.

No. 1 Paul Padilla drew a first-round bye in the second flight.

The rest of the second flight bracket is: No. 2 Billy Klusis vs. No. 15 Ryan Hunt; No. 3 Dale Sweet vs. No. 14 Joey Tribanas; No. 4 Joe Bahme vs. No. 13 Ron Wallace; No. 5 Joe Tribanas vs. No. 12 Herb Grandpre; Tom Gronau (6) and Ron Swierbitowicz (11); No. 7 Charlie Fredericks vs. No. 10 Tom Gaffney; No. 8 Joe Cantillion vs. No. 9 Ully Hilse.

In the women’s championship, 2016 and 2017 champion Stephanie Slekis will take on Dawn Bruenn.