Maple Hill administrator named Principal of the Year




NAUGATUCK — Maple Hill Elementary School Principal Lisa Romano was named Connecticut Association of Schools 1st-year Elementary School Principal of the Year.

Students congratulate Maple Hill Elementary School Principal Lisa Romano on being named Connecticut Association of Schools First-Year Elementary Principal of the Year during a surprise ceremony in the gym on June 7.

Romano said she was initially in shock but is extremely thankful that her team nominated her. Assistant Principal Zach Munroes pearheaded the nomination, which included testimonials from school teachers and staff.

“It was so humbling and I’m so grateful and honored to be even be nominated let alone receive the award,” Romano said. “I’m truly honored to bring this type of recognition to the state level. Any chance I get to talk highly of our school I’m going to take it.”

Romano said the award has her name on it but the award represents all of the work by staff, students and family that give their all everyday.

“It wouldn’t be possible without everyone working together,” Romano said.

Romano was previously an administrator at Waterbury Public Schools since March 2020 before her first year at a borough school beginning last fall.

“I’m proud of the work that our team did for making the culture and climate at maple hill truly exceptional,” Romano said.

Romano, who is married with two sons, said without the support of her family, this award wouldn’t have been possible. Her two passions are family and education and she’s fortunate she’s able to do both very well, she added.

Romano said she attributes her success to the students who make every day incredible, the families for open communication, the school board which continuously supports the school’s work and Superintendent of Schools Christopher Montini and Assistant Superintendent of Schools Melissa Cooney who have faith in her.

“All of those parts working together,” Romano said. “If one of those parts was not working, it wouldn’t be possible.”

The biggest joy as principal is the students.

“Our students are the highlights of this job. The fact that I get to lead this team of teachers, this staff; it’s an honor of a lifetime, being able to serve in this capacity,” Romano said.

Romano also attributed her success to assistant Principal Zach Munroe.

“I’m continuously grateful to serve Naugatuck schools and the faith the families instill in me to ensure their students are safe, loved and that they’re learning every single day,” Romano said.