Naugatuck schools prepare for possible switch to full remote learning


NAUGATUCK — As Naugatuck Public Schools continue with its hybrid model of learning that blends in-person instruction with virtual classes, officials have a plan in place to switch to full remote learning if the need arises.

In a letter on Monday, Superintendent of Schools Christopher Montini said the district is impacted most by the number of staff members that have been required to quarantine due to increasing COVID-19 cases.

“Schools have been doing an amazing job shifting people around to cover for the short-term vacancies, however, if the trend continues we may not have enough staff to continue in-person learning safely at all schools,” Montini wrote.

If staffing levels get too low for in-person learning, the plan is to shift Naugatuck High School to full distance learning and reallocate 15 staff members from the high school to the lower grades.

The next step would be to make City Hill Middle School full remote and move 10 staff members from the middle to the elementary schools. If the elementary schools can’t be safely staffed, all schools will shift to remote learning for all grade levels.

If either Naugatuck High or City Hill switch to full remote learning due to staff shortages, students with special needs may be able to attend in-person learning Monday through Thursday, with virtual learning on Friday, the letter states.

Montini said the district may not be able to provide much notices about changes and encouraged families to prepare for a shift to remote learning.

“While our goal is to continue to provide in-person learning, the safety of our students and staff is the priority,” he wrote.