NAUGATUCK — Parents or guardians whose children will be eligible for kindergarten in September should plan to register their child this March. Children may register for the 2023-24 school year if their 5th birthday occurs on or before Jan. 1, 2024.

Parent or guardians can begin the registration process by completing the 2023-24 Kindergarten Pre-Enrollment form on the Naugatuck Public Schools website. Once the form is submitted, an enrollment email will be sent with instructions on how to setup a Powerschool account and how to complete the additional enrollment forms.

Parents or guardians should call the elementary school that their child will attend to schedule an appointment during the week of March 6 -10.

State law requires that all entering students be properly immunized before entrance to school can take place. At the registration appointment, parents must present the child’s birth certificate along with proof of immunization. In addition, the State Department of Health recommends that students have a blood lead level and a tuberculin test before entering kindergarten.

At registration the following information must be provided: mortgage statement or copy of deed showing ownership of property where child resides, or a copy of a signed lease or rental agreement for the property where child lives or notarized statement from the owner of the property where the child is residing, listing all of the family members who are residing on the indicated property; also, a copy of a current utility bill from Eversource indicating the family has an account for the address the child is residing, or if the landlord is supplying utilities, a notarized copy of the lease or rental agreement indicating that the utilities are supplied by the landlord; a real estate or personal property tax bill of parent/guardian; a copy of a valid Connecticut Driver’s License or photo I.D. for either parent indicating the address where the child is residing.

In addition to the above, the guardian of any child attending the public schools within the district must also provide proof of guardianship.

If you have any questions, call the school your child will be attending or the Superintendent’s Office at 203-720-5265.