JOSEPH LEVINE, 31, 39 Horton Hill Road, Naugatuck, disorderly conduct, Oct. 31.

SANJIT FONG, 26, 114 Main St., East Haven, improper use – marker/license/registration, illegal operation of motor vehicle without minimum insurance, operate/parks unregistered motor vehicle, Oct. 31.

JENNIFER CARD, 37, 35 Rough Wing Road, Naugatuck, disorderly conduct, Nov. 1.

SALVADOR MARTINEZ, 45, Naugatuck, larceny sixth-degree, failure to appear second-degree, Nov. 2.

KENNETH FERREIRA, 79, 1 Gail Drive, Naugatuck, breach of peace second-degree, Nov. 3.

AKIEL LINDO, 23, 128 Clinton St., Waterbury, improper use – marker/license/registration, illegal possession of weapon in motor vehicle, carrying a pistol without permit, illegal alteration of firearm identification, Nov. 3.

VICTOR BENTO, 55, 55 Olive St., Naugatuck, assault third-degree, disorderly conduct, Nov. 5.

MIRANDA TATARANOWICZ, 24, 327 White Birch Drive, Waterbury, larceny sixth-degree, Nov. 6.

STACEY SPECHT, 24, 94 Sessions Drive, Hampden, MA, larceny sixth-degree, Nov. 6.

DENNIS GRINROD, 49, 443 Coram Ave., Shelton, criminal violation restraining order – contact person, Nov. 8.

ASHLEY HARRIS, 31, 83 Webb St., Waterbury, possession of controlled substance second-offense, breach of peace second-degree, interfere with officer/resisting, two counts of failure to appear second-degree, Nov. 8.

EDGAR AREVALO-LOJANO, 24, 246 Spring St., Naugatuck, risk of injury to child, assault third-degree, disorderly conduct, Nov. 9.

ERNEST DUNHAM, 26, 248 Spring St., Naugatuck, disorderly conduct, Nov. 10.

ALBERTO MALDONADO, 42, 167 Rubber Ave., Naugatuck, violation of protective order, threatening second-degree, Nov. 10.