Police blotter for July 20


BRENT GIPSON, 31, 236 Elliot Ave., Waterbury, illegal operation of motor vehicle under influence of alcohol/drugs, July 4.

THOMAS DOUTY, 26, 43 Marc St., Naugatuck, criminal mischief third-degree, disorderly conduct, July 4.

ERIKA PRINCE, 34, 202 Hillside Ave., Naugatuck, larceny sixth-degree, July 4.

MICHAEL KOSTENKO, 38, 202 Hillside Ave., Naugatuck, conspiracy to commit/larceny sixth-degree, July 4.

DREW BURKE, 31, 64 Mountain Road, Prospect, disorderly conduct, July 6.

ISRAEL CAEZ, 30, 35 Hoadley St., Naugatuck, risk of injury to child, assault third-degree, unlawful restraint first-degree, July 6.

CHRISTOPHER HAWKSLEY, 35, 225 Margaret Circle, Naugatuck, illegal discharge of firearm, negligent storage of firearm, two counts of failure to obtain serial number and engraving ineligible, improper storage of pistol/revolver in motor vehicle, July 6.

ELIZABETH ARMENTA , 34, 626 Washington Ave., Waterbury, larceny sixth-degree, July 6.

JOSEPH COPPOLA, 46, 33 Forest St., Naugatuck, breach of peace second-degree, July 6.

CHRISTOPHER MORRIS, 34, 2810 East Main St., Bridgeport, larceny third-degree, conspiracy to commit/larceny third-degree, July 7.

JORDAN MILLETTE, 24, 953 Bank St., Waterbury, failure to appear second– degree, illegal operation of motor vehicle under suspension, improper muffler, July 7.

BRENDON SOUBANNARATH, 21, 1062 May St., Naugatuck, disorderly conduct, July 7.

ISAIAH SANTIAGO, 22, 182 Easton Ave., Waterbury, improper use – marker/license/registration, illegal operation of motor vehicle without minimum insurance, failure to obey stop sign, operate/parks unregistered motor vehicle, July 8.

DORYANN VASQUEZ, 24, 7 Linden Drive, Newburgh, NY, interfere with officer/resisting, disorderly conduct, July 8.

JASON SCHIFFMILLER, 36, 29 Perk Lane, Bristol, harassment second-degree, July 8.