Zupkus announces run for re-election  

Lezlye Zupkus
Lezlye Zupkus

Republican Lezlye Zupkus plans to run for a third term as state representative in the 89th House District.

Zupkus announced her intentions to seek re-election in a press release last week.

“Connecticut faces very troubling financial issues in the near future, problems made worse by a general legislative attitude of tax and spend and temporary fixes to the budget deficit, one by-product of which is an unfriendly business environment,” said Zupkus in the release. “I will continue to work towards a brighter future for Connecticut. We have an opportunity to make a difference for the better in our state. Tough choices need to be made so that we can return Connecticut to a growing economy and where we can afford to retire, our children can choose to stay, make a living and raise their families.”

The 89th district represents Bethany, Prospect and a portion of Cheshire. Zupkus, who is a Prospect resident and the state director for the nonprofit Best Buddies Connecticut, was first elected to the seat in 2012 when she defeated longtime Democrat incumbent Vickie Nardello. Zupkus was re-elected in 2014 after beating Nardello — the challenger this time — again.

During her time in office, Zupkus said in the release that she has voted against a state budget that exceeded Connecticut’s constitutional spending cap, helped Republicans rally against a gas tax increase and has created and supported legislation aimed at helping small businesses and municipalities.

Zupkus added as a ranking member on the Public Safety and Security Committee she worked to keep the Troop I state police barracks in Bethany open.

“Residents in Bethany, Cheshire and Prospect place faith in me and I will continue to use common sense and fresh ideas to work towards putting Connecticut on the right path to a better future for our citizens, their children and grandchildren,” Zupkus said in the release.

Prospect Republican Town Committee Chair Tom Galvin said the entire committee is thrilled Zupkus intends to run again.

“I understand how difficult and frustrating it must be as member of the minority up in Hartford, but only through dedication such as she has shown can we ever hope to get Connecticut moving back in the right direction,” Galvin said. “She is doing a great job and she will continue to enjoy our full support as we send her back to Hartford next November.”

Prospect Democratic Town Committee Chair Eileen Cranney said Democratic caucuses will be in March.