Zoning Commission to hold hearing on text change


NAUGATUCK — The Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing May 15 on a proposed text change that would reduce the amount of land needed for a planned development district to 5 acres.

The regulations state now that a planned development district (PDD) is a large-scale project on parcels on land 20 acres and more.

Zoning Enforcement Officer Ed Carter said these projects include the industrial park, some condominium complexes, and the new Jewish school and residential area off of May Street.

Carter said officials want to make this change so that more people would be able to come before the commission with ideas for a planned development district. If the change is implemented, it would not guarantee that every project would be approved, he said.

“That doesn’t permit someone to just come in and do it. It allows them to now apply,” Carter said. “They come before the Zoning Commission and say, ‘This is what I would like to put in this seven acre piece of land.’”