Zoners close, continue hearings


NAUGATUCK — The Zoning Commission last week closed a controversial public hearing on a proposed zone change to the property where the Crystal Room is on School Street.

In July, the Crystal Room LLC and Polish Falcon United 65 requested a zone change from its current designation of R-15 to a designation of B-1 so a wedding chapel could be built on the property. A chapel is not allowed under the current zone designation.

At the time, residents of School Street spoke out against the proposed zone change. Residents were concerned that if the Crystal Room leaves, a new business could move in and generate more traffic on the dead end street.

The commission closed the public hearing on the proposed change Aug. 19. It is expected to make a decision during its Sept. 16 meeting.

While one hearing was closed, another was continued.

The commission continued the public hearing on the proposed Prospect Street Design District, which it opened in June.

The commission is considering the creation of a special design district along Prospect Street, from the Naugatuck-Prospect border to Route 8, to spur development.

The proposed design district would allow property to be used for residences, residential offices, high intensity and high density commercial offices, neighborhood-oriented commercial uses, low intensity commercial uses and light industrial. It would prohibit earth excavation operations and adult entertainment.

Residents who own property along Prospect Street have raised concerns about the proposed design district, saying it will cause more traffic and change the character of the street.

The public hearing was continued until on Sept. 16. Since the project is proposed by the borough, the hearing is allowed to remain open as long as the commission feels necessary.