Zone change on the table for borough properties


NAUGATUCK — The Zoning Commission is considering a zone change for 10 properties in the Bridge Street area.

The properties officials are eyeing are 112 Bridge St., 0 Brennan St., 65 Brennan St., 22 Diamond St., 20 Diamond St., 14 Diamond St., 0 Diamond St., 35 Spring St., 55 Spring St. and 63 Spring St.

The properties total about 5 acres and are a mix of industrial-2, residential A1 and residential 8 zones. Officials want to change the zoning of the parcels to business 2 zone.

The commission will hold a hearing on the proposal at its Oct. 16 meeting, which starts at 6 p.m. at Town Hall.

I-2 zone allows a minimum level of noise to provide light industrial, wholesaling, warehousing and research laboratory uses. RA1 zone allows for multi-family housing, while R8 zone allows single-family housing.

The purpose of the B2 district is to allow general commercial and office development in suitable locations for drive-in type establishments.

Zoning Enforcement Officer Ed Carter said an applicant expressed interested in building a business on one of the properties and would have needed a zone change to a B2 zone to do so.

This got officials thinking.

“If we’re looking at one of them, let’s do the rest,” Carter said. “We’re trying to make it all cohesive. We feel it would be better for these properties to be a B2 zone.”

The properties consist of residential homes, businesses and vacant lots. Some of the businesses are on the first floor of apartment buildings in a residential district.

If the change goes through, Carter said residents will be able to open a business in their home without a special permit. People could also sell their homes as homes or to a business, he said.

“I do believe it’s a business commercial area,” Carter said. “It would open people to transition from a residence to a business.”