YMCA issues challenge


NAUGATUCK — The Naugatuck YMCA is hosting a new program to help beat the winter blues.

The organization’s Winter Work-out Challenge kicked off on Monday.

The fitness challenge, which runs until April 4, will be tracked by mileage or time, with awards given out at certain benchmarks.

The goals for the challenge are 120 miles on a bike, 100 miles of running, 10 miles of swimming or 45 30-minute group exercise or non-tradition workouts.

“When we are really busy and it is cold and gray outside, it is hard to stay motivated about our own fitness and health,” Naugatuck YMCA CEO Susan Talbot said in a press release. “Now we have a way to stay on track and have some fun too.”

Talbot said participants are given log sheets to fill out when they have completed their exercise. They can bring the log sheets into the YMCA after filling them out.

Talbot said she chose to start the challenge because it’s difficult to get motivated to work out when the weather is cold, especially when runners and bikers can’t do their preferred exercise outside.

“Winter is a tough season for us all. All health seekers have a tough time,” Talbot said. “A lot of people have an internal competition. This is a perfect fit for them.”

Talbot hopes this will diffuse the boredom of working out in the winter and get more people engaged in exercising. She would like to see 20 people participate in the challenge. Currently 12 people are participating.

There is no cost to sign up for the challenge, but a YMCA membership is required to participate. Those interested in joining the Winter Work-out Challenge can contact the Naugatuck YMCA at (203) 729-9622 or stop by the YMCA at 284 Church St.