Woodland student arrested after threat


WRHSBEACON FALLS — A 15-year-old juvenile has been arrested after police said he made a threat to kill everyone at Woodland Regional High School.

The male, whose name wasn’t disclosed because of his age, was charged with breach of peace and threatening. He was sent to a hospital on an emergency committal, according to a release by police.

The incident occurred about 1:31 p.m. Tuesday at the school in Beacon Falls. According to the release, no one was injured, and it involved five victims, one adult and four juveniles.

Region 16 Board of Education Chair Priscilla Cretella said the threat was made during the student’s advisory period at the end of the day. All students at the school have an advisory period at the end of the school day during which the same students meet with the same teacher to express any concerns they may have, Cretella explained.

Cretella said police searched the school and the student’s locker and found no weapons. She said the situation was handled peacefully and emergency crisis personnel responded to the school to meet with any students who wanted to talk about the incident.