Winsley campaign: ‘We got more of the same’

Republican Wayne Winsley of Naugatuck is running for Congress. -RA ARCHIVE


Wayne Winsley’s Congressional campaign released the following statement in response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address:

“Unfortunately President Obama in his State of the Union address offered the same-old tired solutions to our current economic crisis: more taxes, more government subsidies, and more regulations. In fact, several proposals made in this address are merely repeats of proposals previously made by this President and rejected by his own party. The calls to end oil company subsidies and for immigration overhaul are two examples.

“Meanwhile, the hard working taxpayers of New Haven County continue to suffer under President Obama’s lackluster economy.

“After nearly four years and billions of dollars in government spending, our economy remains stagnant, jobs are scarce, and the prices of basic necessities continue to rise. President Obama has failed to set forth a plan to create jobs and reduce unemployment rates to their pre-crisis levels. Entirely missing from the State of the Union address was a plan to reduce the size of government and to create an environment in which the private sector can create jobs.

“The President quoted Abraham Lincoln as saying, ‘That government should do for people only what they cannot do better by themselves — and no more.’

“While both Republicans and Democrats may agree with Lincoln’s words, the Democrat view seems to be that Americans can do very little better by themselves. Republicans on the other hand, have ultimate faith in the American people and the free market system. History shows that faith to be well founded.

“The President’s speech consisted of incentives and programs, which have already been tried and found failing. Temporary tax credits to employers and small businesses, extension of the payroll tax cut, subsidies to favored industries (think more Solyndras) and a vague and open-ended promise to invest in ‘America’s infrastructure’ will not revive the American economy.

“Let us be clear, while rebuilding our roads and bridges will provide needed upgrades and some temporary jobs, the single mother in New Haven is not going to be out building roads. She needs permanent, gainful employment. The young college graduate with a master’s degree who is currently earning ten dollars per hour is not going to be helped by government make-work. He or she needs a business environment that encourages opportunities to put that hard-earned education to use.

“We need a stable plan focused on revitalizing the private sector on a permanent basis.

“But rest assured that Rose DeLauro is prepared to join her ally President Obama in passing these temporary measures which will fail to put New Haven County back to work.

“Wayne Winsley, Republican candidate for U.S. Congress, believes that lower taxes on businesses and consumers allows for more money to be put to use in the private sector to create jobs and business opportunities.

“Wayne Winsley promises that so long as families in New Haven County are forced to tighten their belts, he will focus on keeping federal spending under control.

“Wayne Winsley is the solution to the failed policies in Washington, D.C. supported by Rosa DeLauro. New Haven County needs to retire Rose DeLauro this November and send new leadership to Washington, D.C.”

Wayne Winsley, a Republican from Naugatuck, is a U.S. Navy veteran, former radio broadcaster, and motivational speaker running for Congress.