Voters OK transfer for software


BEACON FALLS — In a 26-to-1 vote, town residents approved spending $35,000 on new accounting software.

The town’s current software is meant for regional boards of education, not municipalities, according to First Selectman Christopher Bielik. As a result, it takes many man hours to accomplish simple tasks and needs patches which don’t always work, he said.

“There’s lots that I could say to disparage this piece of garbage that I work with every day,” Finance Manager Thomas Broesler said.

The town has three bids for new software and has narrowed them down to two top contenders.

The highest bid was for $71,000, Broesler said, and other municipalities in the state pay upwards of $500,000.

“This is much much more sophisticated than something like QuickBooks,” he said.

The price of the software includes implementation, training and porting over current records, Broesler said.

There is also an annual $3,000 fee.