Vandals target Prospect parks


PROSPECT —  Vandals hit town fields Sunday and Monday night, damaging the fields and stealing several items, according to Parks and Recreation Director Christopher Moffo.

“It’s so distressing to me,” said Town Council member Theresa Graveline after hearing of the damage.

Sunday evening, someone broke into the snack stand and stole a cooler with a glass door and a first aid kit at the soccer field, Moffo told the council Tuesday night. Moffo said the Parks Department took the vents off the concession stand door and replaced them with diamond plate to prevent people from breaking in to the stand in the future.

Monday evening, vandals in a pickup truck drove over Hotchkiss, Caplan, and Canfield fields, leaving ruts in the fields. Caplan was hit the hardest, with the truck digging significant ruts in the softball field, Moffo said.

Also, Moffo added, several youth climbed a pole at Hotchkiss field, cutting off and taking two security cameras worth $250 each. However, video feed showing the thieves driving through the field and walking up to the camera was sent to a remote monitor and handed over to the police, Moffo said.

The video shows a car driving through the field around 1 a.m. Monday, but the damage wasn’t discovered until the next morning, Moffo said. The gates to the fields are usually locked around 10 p.m., but were left open Monday night, Moffo said.

The police are investigating the incidents, Moffo said.