Vandals dump port-a-potty into Baummer’s Pond


Vandals pushed this port-a-potty into Baummer’s Pond Friday or Saturday forcing the fishing to be closed for a week. CONTRIBUTED

NAUGATUCK — Vandals pushed a port-a-potty into Baummer’s Pond either Friday or Saturday night, forcing the popular fishing area to close for a week, according to Public Works Superintendent Robert Roland.

Baummer’s Pond will be closed to fishers until Sunday, as well as anyone taking any other wildlife or plant life from the pond, including harvesting water chestnuts.

Roland said his department notified the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection when the port-a-potty was found floating near the parking lot. Members of the Public Works Department retrieved the potty with a back hoe and moved it back to the parking lot, Roland said.

The DEEP referred Public Works to the Naugatuck Valley Health District, which recommended closing pond for fishing for one week, after which time it should be safe to fish again.

Roland said he recently received a request to keep the port-a-potty at Baummer’s Pond longer this year because of the high volume of walkers on the walking path. Traditionally, the department removes port-a-potties from the town’s fields during winter.

“If they’re going to throw it in the pond every other night, you know, it’s not conducive to doing that,” Roland said.

Roland said vandals routinely tip over port-a-potties, but he’s never seen them thrown into the pond before.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to call the Naugatuck Police Department.