Utilities offer programs to help with winter’s chill


BERLIN — Connecticut Light & Power and Yankee Gas offer several programs to help customers deal with winter weather.

“New England winters can be brutally cold and we want to help keep our customers warm,” said Penni Conner, chief customer officer for Northeast Utilities, parent company of CL&P and Yankee Gas, in a prepared statement. “We have a variety of programs available to assist them, from making a home more energy efficient to billing and payment options.”

Programs available to CL&P and Yankee Gas customers include:

  • Home Energy Solutions: The program provides homeowners and renters with an energy assessment by an authorized contractor. The contractor tests for drafts and air leaks, and can also make on-the-spot improvements. For more information, visit www.ctenergyinfo.com, www.energizeCT.com or call 877-WISE-USE.
  • Budget Billing: The program allows customers to equalize monthly utility bills based on a customers’ annual energy usage to help avoid seasonal peaks associated with heating and cooling months. To sign up for CL&P’s Budget Billing program, call (800) 286-2000 or visit www.cl-p.com.  To sign up for the Yankee Gas Budget Billing Program, call (800) 989-0900 or go to www.yankeegas.com.
  • Winter Protection Program: The program protects income-eligible customers from having their electricity or natural gas shutoff for nonpayment from Nov. 1 to May 1. Winter protection is available to qualifying customers who must sign-up annually for this program. Customers still receive their bills and are encouraged to pay what they can each month to avoid a large balance becoming due when the protection period ends. For more information or to sign up, CL&P customers can call (800) 286-2828. Yankee Gas customers can call (800) 438-2278.
  • Matching Payment Program: The program allows income-qualified customers with past-due balances to work out monthly payment arrangements so their service is provided year-round. Customers must heat with electricity to qualify for the program or heat with natural gas to qualify for the Yankee Gas program.  They must also apply for and be granted energy assistance funds, and must make and keep a monthly payment arrangement. Customers who keep the monthly payment arrangement will see an additional reduction in their past-due amount for every dollar paid.  For more information or to sign up, CL&P customers can call (800) 286-2828. Yankee Gas customers can call (800) 438-2278.
  • NUSTART Program: The program helps income-eligible CL&P customers maintain year-round electric service. Customers can reduce and eliminate past-due balances if they pay their budget amount on time each month. For more information, call (800) 286-2828.