Two charged for illegal dumping of tires


NAUGATUCK – Two out-of-town men face charges for illegal dumping of 100 tires after a police investigation lead to the arrest of one of the suspects.

Borough police began investigating after it was reported that suspects dumped about 100 tires on a property at 397 Prospect St. on Dec. 29. Through the investigation and a witness, police discovered a U-Haul truck disposed of tires at multiple locations including the one on Prospect Street or Route 68, according to a police news release.

Police identified Lavon Spradley, 22, of Bridgeport, and Andrew Gonzalez, 32, of Terryvile, as the suspects in connection with the illegal dumping activities.

Spradley was taken into custody in Bridgeport on Jan. 26 and was released on a $5,000 bond.

He is scheduled to appear in Waterbury Superior Court on Feb. 21.

Naugatuck Police hold an active arrest warrant for Gonzalez.

Spradley and Gonzales both had prior interactions with law enforcement with multiple illegal dumping incidents in various jurisdictions.

The two suspects also face other charges for illegal dumping which include conspiracy and illegal dumping of bulky/hazardous waste, according to police.

Borough police commended the joint efforts of law enforcement agencies involved which also include U-Haul and the police departments of Waterbury and Fairfield.

“This arrest sends a clear message that illegal dumping will not be tolerated in our community,” police said.

“The Naugatuck Police Department remains dedicated to upholding the law and ensuring the safety and cleanliness of our neighborhoods.”

Naugatuck police are asking the public to contact police headquarters at 203-729-5222 or their confidential tip line at 203-720-1010 with any information regarding the whereabouts of Gonzalez.