Truck sought to bring donations to Texas

Donations of diapers and infant supplies are piled at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Naugatuck. The donations were collected over the weekend to aid Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, but organizers of the drive are in need of help getting them to Texas. –CONTRIBUTED

NAUGATUCK — St. Michael’s Episcopal Church collected a “mountain” of diapers to send to victims of Hurricane Harvey, but has no way to get them to Texas, according to Kelly Garray, who organized the drive.

She said that Hynes Construction of Seymour originally planned to ship a few boxes down, but they collected many more items than expected.

Now the church is looking for someone to donate a box truck and driver to deliver the items.

From Friday to Monday, the church and Surreybrook School in Seymour collected diapers, pull-ups, wipes, formula, breast pumps and other baby items to donate to the Texas Diaper Bank.

The donations, which also include strollers, pack-and-plays, clothing, water and around a dozen car seats, fill the churches steps and foyer, Garray said.

“It was supposed to be for the diaper bank, but we didn’t turn anything away,” she said.

Because of the rain Sunday, Garray said they extended the drive to Monday, but the rain didn’t keep people away.

Garray wasn’t sure what size truck the church needs to fit all the items.

She said she made phone calls to local businesses with trucks all day Tuesday, but hadn’t located a donor by late Tuesday afternoon.

Anyone interesting in donating a truck to take the goods down south can call Garray’s daughter, Kimberly Rossi, at 203-632-9030.