Traffic pattern to change


PROSPECT — A change in the flow of traffic will soon occur at the intersections of Routes 68 and 69.

Mayor Robert Chatfield said the state is installing new traffic lights at the intersection. Once the new traffic signals are installed the color they blink when they go to caution will change.

Around 10 p.m. every night, the lights go from changing colors to flashing. Currently traffic traveling on Route 69 sees a flashing yellow caution light, while traffic traveling on Route 68 sees a flashing red light.

After the state replaces the stop lights the flashing colors will be swapped, Chatfield said. Traffic on Route 69 will have a flashing red light, while traffic on Route 68 will have a flashing yellow light.

“The state has determined the majority of accidents have been caused by traffic on Route 69 turning left or right,” Chatfield said.

Although he did not have the exact timeline from the state, Chatfield said he expects the change to occur soon.

Chatfield said he will send out a Code Red message to inform people about the changes. He urged everyone to use caution while motorists adjust to the change.