Town has three candidates for finance manager position


BEACON FALLS — The town is getting close to hiring a new finance manager.

First Selectman Christopher Bielik said last week that the town had three candidates to fill the vacant finance manager position. He said the candidates were expected to be screened by human resources last week and earlier this week. After they’re screened, he said, human resources would recommend the best candidate or candidates, potentially all three, to the Board of Selectmen for interviews.

The position has been vacant for nearly six months.

Thomas Thompson started as the town’s finance manager last July. However, a couple months later, officials decided not to continue his contract past the probationary period and began searching for another finance manager.

The town has considered other applicants during that time, but the job has remained vacant. In the interim, the town has been relying on former Finance Manager Thomas Broesler, who is working as a contractor, and Finance Assistant Erin Schwarz to manage the position’s responsibilities.

Bielik said he expects to have the position filled by the first week of March.

In a new finance manager is hired by early March, he or she will step into the position just as the town begins its budget discussions for the 2019-20 fiscal year.

Bielik said he doesn’t believe it will impact the budget process or the person hired.

“The expectation is, based on the experience level of the candidates, it is very likely that it will be a seamless transition,” Bielik said.