Testimonial to honor former first selectman

Susan Cable

BEACON FALLS — Former First Selectman Susan Cable will be honored for her years of service to the town of Beacon Falls on March 30.

“Throughout my career there has been a lot of support. It was nice to hear they were recognizing that,” Cable said. “I’m honored to have served the people of Beacon Falls for 20 years.”

Throughout her years as first selectman, Cable has worked on many projects for the town.

According to Cable, a couple of her proudest moments included working alongside Prospect and the Region 16 school district to open Woodland Regional High School and making sure the Beacon Street Bridge was finished with little cost to the town.

However, when she looks back at her long career, it isn’t just fixing a few large problems in town that make her the proudest.

Mainly, Cable explained, she is proud of helping residents with all the little problems that needed to be solved throughout the years.

“Susan was a wonderful public servant,” said Democratic Registrar of Voters Katherine Grace. “She did so much for the people in this town.”

Grace explained that Cable had been involved in the Special Olympics, a special education teacher in Waterbury, and a principal in Waterbury.

“Whatever she touched, she was a leader. It is evident in this town,” Grace said.

When she was elected, Cable learned very quickly that being the first selectman was a 24-hour job. Once she stopped working as the first selectman, she realized how much of her time she had been giving to the position.

“Being first selectman is a very difficult job and, until you walk in those shoes, you don’t know what its like,” Cable said. “No problem was too big or too small for me to deal with.”

Cable felt honored to know all the people she has been able to meet over the years.

“This isn’t just a celebration of Susan Cable, this is a celebration of all those who participated throughout the years. That’s important to me,” Cable said. “No one person can do everything alone.”

The testimonial to honor Susan cable will take place on March 30 at The Inn at Villa Bianca, 312 Roosevelt Drive, Seymour. For more information or reservations, call Sally DelMoro at (203) 723-9877.


  1. Yes- this comment was certainly keeping politics aside wasn’t it now?

    Perhaps the answer to your question is the fact that there is no place in town to hold a dinner for over 100 people. Not to difficult to figure that one out.

  2. Thank you, Susan. Our politics weren’t ‘eye to eye’, but I appreciate the efforts you’ve made towards Beacon Falls.

    Some might wonder why monies for a testimonial dinner are being spent in neighboring towns and not here in Beacon Falls. It’s a very curious and pointed choice, and a discouraging testament about what those who are planning this event really think of our town after all this time under Susan’s leadership.

    Again, putting politics aside, Thank you, Susan. I know how much work it’s been !