CAPT scores down in some subjects


NAUGATUCK — Naugatuck High School saw moderate gains in the percentage of students who scored proficient on the math and science portions of the Connecticut Academic Performance Test, and slight decreases in the percentage who were proficient in reading and writing across the disciplines.

Results of the CAPT, taken by 10th graders, show that overall math scores went up .2 percentage points from last year, to 83.1 percent who scored at the proficient level; that is above the state average of 78.8 percent.

The percentage of students who were proficient in science went up 1.8 points to 80.7 percent, which is below the state average of 81.5 percent.

The percentage of NHS students considered proficient writers went down 2.2 points to 85.1 percent, below the state average of 86.2 percent.

And Naugatuck was above the state average on reading across the disciplines in which 85.4 percent of borough students scored within the proficient range. That is .4 percentage points below last year’s NHS scores, but 2.5 points above the state average.

The results of the test will be used to determine whether the school makes adequate yearly progress, or AYP, under the No Child Left Behind law.

Only math and reading scores are calculated into AYP results.

The school saw a significant drop in the amount of students in the Hispanic subgroup who scored proficient in math. That percentage dropped from 78.3 percent last year, when 23 Hispanic students took the test, to 68.4 percent this year, when 38 students took the test.