Survey to be given to Region 16 students


Reg-16-OfficeREGION 16 — The Region 16 Community Prevention Task Force, in conjunction with the towns of Beacon Falls and Prospect, will be conducting a youth survey of students in grades sixth through 12 this month.

The surveys will be administered at Long River Middle School and Woodland Regional High School on May 29. Students in grades seven through 12 will be given the “Profiles of Student Life: Attitudes and Behaviors,” survey, while sixth-graders will be given the “Survey of Student Resources and Assets.” The surveys were developed by The Search Institute in Minneapolis, Minn.

Questions on these surveys are designed to help the communities of Beacon Falls and Prospect understand the needs of youth and to develop asset-building strategies and protective factors to meet those needs and to help youth in the communities become stronger, healthier, more successful young people, according to a press release.

The surveys are completed anonymously. The survey questions will cover topics like youth attitudes toward school, community, family and peers. Questions will include student perspectives on drug and alcohol use and sexual activity among youth, according to the release.

Parents can come in to view the surveys at the main office of their child’s school prior to May 29, and choose to have their child opt out of the survey.

In addition to the survey results being used for building developmental assets, the survey can also be used to assist in monitoring indicators related to student well-being, set priorities and strategies for programs and services, provide data for grant writing, provide data for reports to fund agencies and provide a “youth voice” in organizational and community planning, the release stated.

Elected officials along with law enforcement agencies from Prospect and Beacon Falls support this survey and recognize this survey will help both communities recognize and assist with the needs of youth at risk in both communities, the release stated.