Superstorm Sandy changes school calendars


The effects of Superstorm Sandy have led to changes in the school year calendars for the Naugatuck and Region 16 school systems.

Due to the storm and power outages that followed early last week, schools in Naugatuck and Region 16 were closed for three days. In Naugatuck the closures mean that three days — Feb. 20 through Feb. 22 — of February vacation have been canceled.

Naugatuck Superintendent of Schools John Tindall-Gibson said when the Board of Education set the calendar it adopted the policy that the first three days school was canceled would come off of February break. Anymore school cancellations would add days to the end of the school year. The last day, as of Wednesday, was currently June 12.

In Region 16, the days off have been added to the end of the school year and the last day of school as of Wednesday was June 14. Region 16 does not have a full week off in February. Instead there is a four-day weekend around Presidents Day. Region 16 has a full week off in April.

Region 16 Superintendent of Schools Tim James said officials will wait and see what the winter brings before any decisions are made concerning shortening April vacation or other options. Such as decision would be made in the end of February, he said.