State to fix retaining walls in Beacon Falls


Retaining walls like this one along the northbound side of Route 42 in Beacon Falls are in disrepair. The state Department of Transportation is expected to fix the walls beginning in the fall of 2012. CONTRIBUTED
HARTFORD — The Connecticut Department of Transportation will be repairing retaining walls along Route 42.

State Rep. Len Greene (R-105) announced this week the DOT finished an inspection of the walls along the northbound side of Route 42 between Route 8 and the downtown area and determined they must be permanently repaired or replaced entirely.

According to a release issued by Greene’s office, Greene was concerned with the appearance and condition of the walls and contacted state officials to inspect the walls and the fill material behind them.

The result of those inspections indicated more structural deterioration than expected, the release stated.

“I applaud the DOT for working quickly to determine the extent of repairs needed to address this safety issue,” Greene said, in the release. “Making sure the roadways across Connecticut are safe is no small undertaking and I appreciate the DOT’s consideration with the maintenance of these retaining walls. Route 42 is the main road through Beacon Falls and keeping it open and safe is vital for both residents and businesses.”

According to the release, DOT officials determined it would not be cost-effective to do any intermediate repairs on the walls. Construction is expected to begin in the fall of 2012. DOT officials are expected continue monitoring the condition of the walls and make any repairs that are necessary to insure the walls remain stable the repairs are done, the release stated.


  1. Shakespeare once wrote “Methinks thou dost protest too much”. Which is just what the Chairman of the Beacon Falls Republican Town Committee is doing. Being around for as long as i have, i have seen this kind of reply many times from those who have booted someone out of their job. If Mr. Krenesky was so good at being a selectmen, then Mr. Holzmen would be championing him to run for his office again,but alas he did not so I think the statement was correct that they dropped him.

  2. As Chairman of the Beacon Falls Republican Town Committee, I can unequivocally state that Selectman Michael Krenesky has served our Town of Beacon Falls with honor and integrity. Mr. Krenesky has been a lifelong resident, who has contributed his time towards many community projects. He has also been our Town Historian, in the tradition of his Father, and has been a member of the Region #16 Board of Education.

    As publically stated, Mr. Krenesky decided to run for Town Treasurer, instead of Selectman, due to a change in his job. The Republican caucus unanimously endorsed Mr. Krenesky for Town Treasurer. Republican First Selectman Candidate Gerry Smith is proud to have Michael on his team.

    Mr. Ronald J. Holzman
    Beacon Falls Republican Town Committee

  3. “just another example of poor administrative management within our community” this from the man who has been in office as a Selectman for four(4) years himself and has done nothing to improve our town.If Selectmen Krenesky spent a little more time on town issues instead of his own personal interests,than maybe his own political party would have endorsed him for office this year, Instead they dropped him like the bad apple he is.

  4. I would like to thank Rep Greene for pushing this issue with the State DOT and making it happen. I brought my concern over the condition of these retaining walls to the 1st Selectman nearly two years ago, when the Streetscape Project finally seemed to be moving forward.

    My point then was not only safety concerns, but investing a million dollars on a Main Street Greenway project without having a plan to address these retaining walls as well as other Main Street infrastructure issue, is just another example of poor administrative management within our community.

    I thank Rep Len Greene for his continuing support and his efforts on behalf of the residents of the Town of Beacon Falls. If we had a few more legislators in Hartford like him, this State would be in much better shape.

    Mike Krenesky, Selectman