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NAUGATUCK – Borough first responders helped deliver a healthy baby boy at his family’s home Jan. 17 in the Union City section of town.

Naugatuck EMS and police were dispatched to the house at about 11 a.m. for a report of a woman in labor. As first responders were en route, Northwest Connecticut Public Safety Communication Center dispatchers gave pre-arrival instructions to the caller, the father.

Police Sgt. Michael Deely and police officer Martha Cotto arrived first and found the mother and father in a second-floor bathroom where the mother was experiencing frequent contractions. EMS arrived soon after to take over patient care and determined that an immediate transport to a medical facility would not be sufficient or safe for the mother and baby.

The initial response of EMS was three responders, including a supervisor and an additional off-duty EMS technician. Shortly after, a second ambulance arrived with two additional EMS members. Naugatuck Ambulance gave all the first responders at the scene a pin and certificate, Naugatuck Ambulance Inc. Chief Kyle Kelly said.

“Very early on they decided they were going to make room. It was safer to deliver in the house,” Kelly said. “The mother was in labor for at least half an hour.”

Northwest Connecticut Public Safety Communication Center dispatchers stayed on the phone with the father until police arrived, Kelly added.

“Naugatuck EMS units began care as additional EMS units and Police began preparing an area for a safe delivery,” Naugatuck EMS Facebook post stated.
The mother and baby were in good health post-delivery and were transported to Saint Mary’s Hospital for post-labor care, with the aid of a police escort, Naugatuck Police said in a Facebook post.

”It was a team effort between dispatchers, police officers and responders for Naugatuck Ambulance,” Kelly said.

“Without the team working like they did, things could have gone a different way. I’m extremely proud of how they all worked together as a team.”

Kelly said this isn’t the first time that Naugatuck EMS has helped delivery a baby at a residence. Naugatuck EMS helped delivery twins in 2022.
Outside of their regular schooling, they occasionally do child birth training, Kelly added.

“It’s infrequent that we encounter child births like this but it’s something that we’re prepared for, Kelly said. This is the family’s third child.