Smith announces run for another term as first selectman


By Andreas Yilma, Staff Writer

Gerard Smith

BEACON FALLS — First Selectman Gerard Smith is seeking another term in office.

Smith, 59, announced this month that he is running for re-election for the town’s top political seat in the November election.

Smith, who is unaffiliated, ran as a petitioning candidate in 2019 and won his second term as first selectman. He previously served as first selectman from 2011 to 2013.

Smith said the town has progressed since he was elected in 2019. He pointed to securing funds to repair roads, begin upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant and refurbish the Beacon Valley Road Bridge.

Smith said the town is also moving forward with repairing a deteriorating culvert on Burton Road that has closed a section of the road, as well as improvements at the Pent Road Recreation Complex.

Smith said there’s no reason why the public would want to start the town’s progression all over again with a different administration.

“I’m looking forward to and excited to serve a third term for the people of Beacon Falls,” Smith said.

Smith plans to run as an unaffiliated candidate again this election and said he hopes to be cross endorsed by the Democratic and Republican town committees.

Republican Town Committee Chairman Michael Krenesky, who is also a selectman, said he supports Smith for re-election. He said he hopes the Republican Town Committee will back Smith and intends to strongly recommend the committee endorse him.

Democratic Town Committee Chairman Peter Betkoski said the committee is accepting letters of interest from candidates seeking to run for office and plans to have a full slate, including a first selectman candidate, for the election. He said the committee isn’t looking to consider endorsing Smith.