Sidewalk project almost complete


PROSPECT — A sidewalk project along Route 69 is expected to be finished by the end of the month, Mayor Robert Chatfield said.

The project includes building a 5-foot-wide sidewalk about 4,500 feet long along the west side of Route 69, also known as Waterbury Road, from the intersection of routes 69 and 68 to 73 Waterbury Road.

As of last week, Chatfield said all of the concrete for the sidewalk had been poured except for a 20-foot section where a guidewire for a utility pole needs to be moved to pour the concrete. He said the town was waiting for the utility company to move to pole and wire.

Chatfield said work also still needs to be done to lay asphalt to make the sidewalk level where it intersects driveways.

The project also includes improvements to pedestrian crossings along the road, including at the intersection of routes 69 and 68, and where Route 69 intersects Summit Road and Scott Road.

Chatfield said the pedestrian crossing signals at the intersection of routes 69 and 68 have been fixed so they respond when people push the button to cross the street. He said the signal was also redone at Old Schoolhouse and Straightsville roads, but the town is still waiting for a part before it can be put into the service.

The state awarded the town about $1.04 million through the Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP) for the project. The money covers construction as well as 20% for incidental and contingency expenses. Officials awarded the contract for the work to Complete Services out of Oakville for $885,652.