Severe storm leaves its mark

A crane is used Friday morning to begin removing a tree that fell on the Ostranders’ home on New Street Thursday evening. ELIO GUGLIOTTI

The fierce storm that ripped through the area Thursday made sure that it wouldn’t be forgotten anytime soon—at least by the Ostrander family.

The storm brought a tree crashing down on their house on New Street.

On Friday morning, Brinton Ostrander stood outside his home watching as a work crew used a crane, a chain saw and a wood chipper to remove the tree from the roof piece by piece.

Ostrander said no one was home at the time the tree came crashing down. He said his wife was coming home from work when she received a phone call from a neighbor at about 5:45 p.m. to tell her the news.

Ostrander himself was returning home from a business trip Thursday he explained when he received a text message from his wife.

The text message read, “The world is coming to an end. I can’t see the house,” Ostradner said.

The weight of a fallen tree was enough to make this window of the Ostranders’ home on New Street buckle. ELIO GUGLIOTTI

Ostrander said the house suffered some structural damage as well as cosmetic damage, but was still livable.

The amount of damage was unknown Friday morning, but the weight of the fallen tree was enough to make the window in the front of the house buckle under the weight.

As crews hurriedly worked on Ostrander’s home, just down the street on Hillside Avenue another crew was busy removing another tree that fell on a home there.

A tree crashed through part of this house on Hillside Avenue Thursday night. ELIO GUGLIOTTI

Naugatuck Fire Officials said the tree crashed into the house. According to officials a woman was home at the time but left the room the tree crashed into before the tree came down.

The incidents on New Street and Hillside Avenue were just two examples of destruction the storm left in its wake. Fallen trees, downed wires and power outages were reported throughout the state.

No injuries were reported locally due to the storm.

The Republican American contributed to this article.