Senior center wins CASCP award


SeniorCenterNAUGATUCK — The Naugatuck Senior Center has been recognized with a Connecticut Association of Senior Center Personnel Award of Excellence in senior center programming.

The award, given for innovative programming in the field of fitness and wellness, was announced at the annual CASCP conference May 21 in Cromwell. The award acknowledged the center’s U.S. Army/Senior Stretch and Exercise program, a five-week fitness class that was lead by four U.S. Army sergeants stationed at the Army Recruiting Station in Waterbury.

“I am honored that my peers in the field of gerontology saw the importance of this health and wellness program. … The class combined a good exercise routine for adults, discussion on military experiences and an intergenerational exchange of ideas and knowledge,” Harvey Leon Frydman, director of the senior center, said.

Sgt. Curtiss Leilich, who helped initiate the class, said the participating sergeants were excited to hear that the program was presented with such a prestigious award and had a lot of fun teaching the class.

“The interesting outcome of the class was the interaction we received by our senior students, who were eager to know about our military experiences in Afghanistan, and having them share their military experiences during World War II, Korea and Vietnam. The sergeants and I were amazed by the senior’s positive interest in our Army work and worldwide travels,” Leilich said.

Verlie Harrison, 81, said she feels fortunate to have taken the class with the sergeants.

“They provided a stimulating and fun wellness class, filled with health information, including the importance of keeping hydrated,” Harrison said.