Selectmen thinking about raising transfer station fees


BEACON FALLS — The Board of Selectmen is considering raising fees to dispose of items at the transfer station.

Residents can use the transfer station to dispose of items such as mattresses, carpeting, scrap metal, and waste oil if they have purchased a proof of residence sticker from the town. The stickers cost $2.

Certain items cost more to drop off at the station. Car tires and propane tanks cost $5. Large truck tires and Freon items, such as refrigerators and air conditioning units, cost $10 to drop off.

The board is considering meeting during the last week of June to discuss increasing the fees.


  1. I guess someone has to pay for the crazy decisions made by our Current First Selectman. Solar panels on town property that for years was a free place to bring brush. Now we have to pay for dumpsters to haul it away. This same property was also slated for the waste water treatment plant expansion. The Board of Finance at the time fought to stop the madness but their advice fell on deaf ears.

    Questions we need to ask our very incompetent First Selectman and demand answers:

    1 How much do we spend to get rid of our brush?
    2 How did this effect the treatment plant expansion?
    3 How much revenue do these solar panels generate?