Selectmen reject proposed ordinance regarding officials, back taxes


By Andreas Yilma, Staff Writer

BEACON FALLS — The Board of Selectmen Sept. 14 opted not to move forward with a proposed ordinance that would disqualify a person from an elected or appointed position if they owe delinquent taxes.

Former resident Shawn Styfco proposed the ordinance in February. The proposal would have required a candidate for an elected office or an appointed commission, and anyone who receives a stipend from the town, be current on their taxes. The proposal stated that an official who is more than 15 days delinquent on their taxes can’t serve. If the official is more than 30 days late, the person would be removed from office and ineligible to run for reelection or a role with a stipend for two years.

Town Attorney Stephen Studer advised the board that it cannot prohibit somebody from running for office or holding an office because of delinquent taxes, whether the person owes back taxes coming into office or during their term.

“I thought it would have been a worth while ordinance but it just wasn’t legal,” First Selectman Gerard Smith said.