Selectmen award paving contract


BEACON FALLS — The Board of Selectmen last week awarded the contract to repave Burton Road to the Brewster, N.Y.-based Highway Rehabilitation Corporation for $182,760.

First Selectman Christopher Bielik said the bid came in significantly lower than the town had expected due to the whole road being a candidate for the “heat-in-place” pavement reclamation process.

Under that process the existing asphalt is heated and smoothed, rather than ripped up and replaced.

“When the firm came out and looked at it they said from stem to stern, all the way Main Street to Route 42, [‘heat-in-place’] will work. ‘Heat-in-place’ reclaiming is much less expensive than tearing up and repaving even a quarter of a mile of road. So that was very good news for us,” Bielik said.

Bielik said he did not know the total savings, but said it is “not an insignificant amount.” He expects at least a portion of the road to be finished before the year’s end.