Selectmen award bid for cleanup


BEACON FALLS — The Board of Selectmen last week awarded a bid to Supreme Industries Inc. to clean up debris from the tornado in May.

Supreme Industries, which is based in Harwinton, will clear debris from the town property and the town’s right of way and haul it away to its own designated site. Supreme Industries bid $13.80 per cubic yard of debris, according to Selectman Michael Krenesky. Officials previously estimated there is 15,000 cubic yards of debris, so the total bid came to $207,000.

Voters approved spending up to $300,000 for the cleanup at a town meeting earlier this month.

The Public Works Department will monitor the company to ensure how much debris is hauled away. If there is less than 15,000 cubic yards, the cost will come in under $207,000.

The bid was awarded during a special board meeting with Krenesky and Selectman Peter Betkoski approving it. First Selectman Christopher Bielik was away.

Krenesky said three companies bid on the job, but two bids were rejected because they were over the $300,000 authorized at the town meeting.

The town sought additional work related to storm cleanup as part of the request for proposals. Krenesky said Supreme Industries came in under $300,000 for the total bid, but the other items weren’t awarded because officials had some questions, Krenesky said. Officials expect to discuss it at a later date.