Selectmen approve switch to LEDs


BEACON FALLS — The town’s streetlights are set to become more energy efficient.

The Board of Selectmen on Monday voted to allow Eversource Energy to replace all the streetlights in town with energy efficient light-emitting diodes, or LED bulbs.

First Selectman Christopher Bielik said the company offered to do the upgrades throughout the town for free.

The town currently leases the poles and lights from Eversource. Bielik said if the town had plans to ultimately purchase the poles and equipment, the LED fixtures would increase the cost of the purchase. However, if the town continues to lease the poles it will see a decrease in energy costs, he said.

Since the town has no plans to purchase the poles, the board agreed to make the switch. Eversource expects to have the lights installed by the end of spring, Bielik said.