Selectman working to honor promise to pay off taxes 

Peter John Betkoski

BEACON FALLS — Selectman Peter Betkoski is working to make good on his pledge to put his town salary toward paying off his back taxes.

Betkoski pledged to use the money to pay off his debt during the Board of Selectmen meeting in April.

Since then, Betkoski has made two payments on his back taxes, one in June and one in July, both for $1,000. According to information from the tax collector’s office, the payment in June was returned due to insufficient funds.

In July, Betkoski made a second $1,000 payment and paid the $25 fee for having a check returned. This payment cleared.

Selectmen earn a salary of $12,000 per year. After taxes, Betkoski said he receives about $750 per month, but he wants to try and pay a $1,000 a month.

Betkoski owes about $23,000 in taxes for his company, Betkoski Brothers, dating back to 2014, according to town records. He is current on the taxes for his home.

Betkoski previously said his company fell on hard times as a result of the recession in 2008.

Betkoski, a Democrat, has faced criticism, especially from Republicans in town, for earning a salary as an elected official while owing back taxes.

During the August Board of Selectmen meeting, concerns were raised that Betkoski hadn’t been putting his salary toward his back taxes.

“These are all political issues that were thrown at me. I am getting tired of my name getting dragged through the mud over my tax issue,” Betkoski said.

In an interview after the meeting, Betkoski said he plans on continuing to make payments.


  1. beaconfinder – I wonder the same thing myself. I feel for the guy as well.

    Keep in mind Betkoski made a “personal guarantee” in April and made only one valid payment in August. What happened to the payments for four months prior? Betkoski’s personal guarantee is worth the mud his name is being dragged in. It is not about the money here, it is about keeping his word, which he has not done.

    To theorist’s point, how can the guy be responsible for making decisions for the residents of the town, when he can’t even manage his own life?

  2. The non-stop bashing of Betkoski is actually getting tiresome. The guy isn’t responsible for the solar park snafu or anything else for that matter – he’s just there to wave and shake hands. The input of a Jim Huk around here is missed. If a couple of other key people disappear, things could get out of hand.

  3. The question here isn’t an ethical one. The matter that is most concerning is that here is a member of the Board of Selectmen, whereby he is responsible, in part, for important decisions regarding the town. This includes financial affairs. However, he apparently lacks the basic skills necessary to balance his own check book. I feel bad for the guy, as he’s been hammered over this seemingly endless tax saga repeatedly.

    It’s never been a question of ethics, IMHO. It’s a question of competence.

  4. I’m confused how a town official can be on the payroll when they owe the town. Shouldn’t something be taken out of the wages to make good on this? This just doesn’t seem right.