Selectman resubmits ordinance proposal


BEACON FALLS — Nearly four months after it was originally proposed, Selectman Michael Krenesky reintroduced an ordinance targeting delinquent taxpayers.

The proposal is a change to an existing ordinance related to taxes and the issuance of permits. Under the current ordinance, no taxpayer in Beacon Falls who owes outstanding taxes will be issued a building permit, septic installation permit or water hook-up permit.

Krenesky’s proposed change adds that taxpayers who owe outstanding taxes will not be considered as a bidder or awarded a contract for any town-issued or town-authorized projects as either a primary contractor or subcontractor.

In July, Town Attorney Fred Stanek said his legal opinion was that the added language went against state statutes. At the time, Krenesky withdrew the proposal so he could look into it further.

During the Board of Selectmen meeting this month, Krenesky presented the board a request for bids from Waterbury. In the request, Waterbury states that anyone who owes back taxes to the city will be ineligible to bid.

Krenesky said, in light of the fact that Waterbury is already doing this, Beacon Falls should also be allowed to pursue this course of action.

The board sent the proposal to legal counsel for further review.