Selectman plans to modify proposed ordinance


BEACON FALLS — Selectman Michael Krenesky has withdrawn a proposed ordinance regarding town officials and back taxes to modify the proposal.

In June, Krenesky proposed an ordinance that stated that any elected or appointed officials on a board, committee, or commission, who receives a stipend or salary from the town, would not be eligible to receive that payment if they owe outstanding taxes, fees or fines.

There are several elected or appointed officials that receive a salary from the town. However, the way the proposal is written — stipulating officials on a board, committee, or commission — the ordinance would only affect six people: the three members of the Board of Assessment Appeals and the three members of the Board of Selectmen.

Of the six members on the two boards currently, only Selectman Peter Betkoski, a Democrat, owes back taxes. Betkoski owed $11,614.74 as of June 16. The taxes are related to his paving company, Betkoski Brothers. Betkosi, who is on a payment plan to pay off the debt, doesn’t owe any personal property taxes.

Last week, Krenesky, a Republican, said he is modifying the proposed ordinance to add a clause that states officials who are on a recognized and authorized payment plan with the town would be exempt from the ordinance.

Krenesky said he wants the change made to help those who are actively working to right their situation.

“If you are attempting to be a good citizen and pay your money back you shouldn’t be punished,” Krenesky said.

Krenesky is expected to resubmit the ordinance during the Board of Selectmen’s meeting on Monday.

The other ordinance Krenesky proposed would change an existing ordinance that is related to back taxes and the issuance of permits.

Under the current ordinance, no taxpayer in Beacon Falls who owes outstanding taxes will be issued a building permit, septic installation permit or water hook-up permit.

Krenesky’s proposed change adds that taxpayers who outstanding taxes will not be considered as a bidder or awarded a contract for any town-issued or town-authorized projects as either a primary contractor or subcontractor.

This proposal was sent to the town’s legal counsel to be reviewed, which is standard procedure.

First Selectman Christopher Bielik said the town’s attorney is expected to be at the upcoming board meeting to give his opinion on this proposal.