Selectman moving forward with one ordinance proposal


BEACON FALLS — Two months after Selectman Michael Krenesky proposed a pair of ordinances concerning back taxes, one is still being reworked while the other has been dropped.

In June, Krenesky proposed two ordinances. One would have prohibited elected or appointed officials on a board, committee, or commission, who receives a stipend or salary from the town, from receiving that payment if they owe outstanding taxes, fees or fines. The other proposal would add language to an existing ordinance that states taxpayers who owe outstanding taxes will not be considered as a bidder or awarded a contract for any town-issued or town-authorized projects as either a primary contractor or subcontractor.

In July, Town Attorney Fred Stanek said his legal opinion was that the added language to the ordinance that would prevent companies from being bidders on town projects went against state statutes.

During last week’s Board of Selectmen meeting, Krenesky said he didn’t believe it was against state statutes and he was continuing to work to find a way to word it in a way that makes it legal.

“There are multiple towns in the state of Connecticut that have very similar language that restrict anyone who owes back taxes from being able to be awarded a bid,” Krenesky said. “Stratford and Norwalk. Waterbury puts it right into their legal notices. I am still redoing that ordinance and I will be re-presenting it.”

Stanek’s legal opinion was that the proposal referring to elected officials owing back taxes also wouldn’t be legal under state statutes.

Krenesky agreed with that assessment last week, pointing to the fact there are no similar ordinances in any municipalities in the state.

“It’s not my intention to carry that particular ordinance forward. Based on a number of things I have read, the proper way to handle this situation is simply garnishing wages. So that becomes a whole different conversation,” Krenesky said.