Security cameras to be installed at Linden Park



NAUGATUCK — Surveillance cameras will be installed in Linden Park to add a level of security and protect park-goers.

The Board of Mayor and Burgesses approved at a March 13 special meeting the purchase of three video cameras including other equipment to be installed at Linden Park for $19,750 from Skyeye Technologies. The funds will come from the town clerk’s Local Capital Improvement Fund.

“This proposal is for three top notch cameras to go in and give us a good security system,” Mayor N. Warren “Pete” Hess said.

Every time a person buys a piece of property in the borough, a portion of the proceeds goes into an account to purchase capital items. The account has about $80,000, Hess said.

The park at 155 North Main St., had a grand opening of a new skateboard park in May 2023. The park also includes other amenities including basketball and pickle-ball court, a playing field and a greenway walking/biking trail along the Naugatuck River.

The Naugatuck Police and Information Technology departments have been working on better security camera systems for a while. In the meantime, Hess put Deputy Mayor Rocky Vitale in charge of either coming up with another security camera system or the system that was approve for cameras at the Industrial Park for the future, Hess said.

The cameras will be able to see people walking in from the Pulaski Way bridge on the northern side or people coming in from the parking lot on the southern side, Hess said.

Hess said he wants to find a way to protect the Industrial Park from dumping.

Vitale, who is part of the Litter Committee, said the committee is working with police.

Jeremey Lennon, of Public Works, said to get fiber to the park, it has to come from North Main and the borough has to get permission to run a conduit under Route 8.

Naugatuck Information Technology Assistant Lee Wehry said with typical cameras, footage is stored for a week and is on a constant cycle where it overrides every seven days.

“So you got a week from the incident on cameras like that to go and check the feed before it’s gone,” Wehry said. “Without fiber, without network, there’s no live stream.”

Borough officials previously approved cameras for the park. Vitale said there is a camera at Linden Park that isn’t able tow work.

Vitale plans to be involved with the installation of the cameras and to look for another camera system equal or better to the one proposed.

“The ones for the Industrial Park will be portable cameras that still do the same job but we could move them around the industrial park so we don’t have to put 25 cameras there,” Vitale said.

Public Works Director Jim Stewart said the town previously purchased several streetlights with cameras in them but stopped working and before the camera company went out of business.

“This is something to protect us right now and we’re going to continue to work with IT and the police on town wide long term solutions,” Hess said.