Scott Road repairs moving to phase two


PROSPECT — Town and state officials are preparing to resume repairs to Scott Road next spring.

Mayor Robert Chatfield said bids are scheduled to be open for the project Wednesday at the state Department of Transportation’s Newington headquarters.

Scott Roberts, DOT senior project manager, said the work is estimated to cost between $1 million and $2.5 million. The improvements will be funded 20 percent by the state and 80 percent by the Federal Highway Administration, and the town will foot the bill for all engineering and design expenses, Roberts said.

The work is part of a three-phase reconstruction. Phase one was completed about seven years ago and extended from the Waterbury line to Nicholas Court.

Phase two will regrade, curb and repave about 3,000 feet of road from Nicholas Court to Maria Hotchkiss Road. Chatfield said crews will dig down 18 inches on the road, lay down new gravel and create catch basins every 300 feet.

Once completed, the road will be 28 feet wide to discourage parking on the streets, Chatfield said.

Roberts said the estimated start date is April 2015. Chatfield said before construction starts, all residents off the street and in the Regency at Prospect will receive a letter to explain what’s going on. Chatfield said work will be done during the normal working day and not on weekends.

“It will be inconvenient,” Chatfield said. “This thing has been in the planning stages since 1976. It was in the books when I came in. This isn’t something that just happened overnight.”

Phase three will go from where the second phase leaves off to state Route 69, but Chatfield said, “That’ll be a few more light years down the road.”