School board to initiate new messenger program


Tuttle-BuildingNAUGATUCK — Interim Superintendent of Schools James Connelly hopes to launch a new district messenger program by Dec. 1.

Connelly said the new program, which replaces Code Ed, will change how the district communicates with parents.

He said the process of updating data with primary and secondary phone numbers and email addresses for parents and staff is a massive undertaking.
“It’s taken a big commitment from our school secretarial staff,” Connelly said.

Secretaries and principals received training on the new program Monday, Connelly said.

Whereas CodeEd was strictly a phone system, the new system can call, text or email parents districtwide in case of an emergency or school closing, but can also be narrowed to an individual school, class or bus route for general communication with parents, Connelly said.

Parents can specify which contact information should be used for emergencies or routine updates.

Connelly said the system could’ve been used to notify parents when the high school lost power due to a car accident recently and had to close or when an unknown adult was enticing children with candy last month.