School bells will soon be ringing


A new school year is just days away.

Students from Naugatuck and Region 16, which is the district for Beacon Falls and Prospect, will head back to school on Wednesday.

Naugatuck Superintendent of School John Tindall-Gibson said there are a lot of exciting changes coming this year to the borough’s school system.

“There is a new principal at City Hill, and we’re moving our early childhood education to Central Avenue. At the high school there’s going to be a new online program called e2020,” Tindall-Gibson said. “There are a lot of improvements that we are looking forward to making available to our students and families.”

Naugatuck High School Principal Janice Saam said that students should report to their home rooms on the first day of school.

When the students arrive in their respective homerooms, they will be given their schedules.

Saam said that students who are not familiar with the school shouldn’t worry about getting lost.

“Staff will be out the first day to direct students to where their classes are,” Saam said.

Saam went on to explain that there are minor changes to the dress code, and the school will continue its identification card and tardiness policies.

“We had a wonderful year last year and hope to have a wonderful year this year,” Saam said.

At Woodland Regional High School in Beacon Falls, Principal Arnold Frank said that all incoming freshman should report to their A-block class on the first day of school.

In Naugatuck, kindergarteners will get an early look at their classrooms. A kindergarten orientation at all elementary schools will be held Monday at 1:30 p.m.

The first day of school will be a full, six-and-a-half hour day. Students will have Sept. 3 off in observance of Labor Day.

School begins at the following times: Naugatuck High School, 7:34 a.m.; Woodland Regional High School, 7:35 a.m.; City Hill Middle School, 8 a.m.; Long River Middle School, 8:10 a.m.; Naugatuck’s intermediate schools, 8:20 a.m., Naugatuck’s elementary schools, 8:55 a.m.; Region 16’s elementary schools begin at 9 a.m.